I’m back with a new blog entry, but this one is to hopefully make things easier on whomever is reviewing my project for certification. Either way, here are a bunch of features that I implemented into the game, shown via GIFs with an appropriate description. Some GIFs account for multiple checklist items.

Thrusters & Thruster Scaling Bar HUD
Shield Strength
Ammo Count & Player Ammo
Ammo Collectable
Health Collectable & Camera Shake
Secondary Fire Powerup & Homing Missile
New Enemy Movement & New Enemy Type
Negative Pickup: You can see me trying to use thrusters to break free of the slow penalty.
Enemy Shields & Aggressive Enemy Type
Smart Enemy
Enemy Pickups
Pickup Collect
Enemy Avoid Shot
Boss AI
Wave System & Balanced Spawning

Wave 3 gets hard especially when combined with the boss, so I used a shield invincibility cheat for the full playthrough.

Thanks for watching!!!

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Custom Title Screen

This journal entry is bittersweet. Barring some renewed funding for the new year, Christmas Eve marks the second to last day of the internship program here at GameDevHQ. While I am sad to see this program come to an end, I am also so very grateful for a lot of individuals and organizations right now. The Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii has fought hard for all participants of the Aloha Connects Innovation program to have an invaluable opportunity to learn a new skillset while getting paid. What a breath of fresh air for communities and individuals impacted financially from a…

Today was full of research, learning and repair. The first thing I noticed when opening my game today, as that my boss looked different. It looked like I had been starting to make electricity animations…because that’s what I did in Photoshop the night before. Strange. Apparently, I accidentally created my boss sprite using a photoshop file, rather than the intended PNG. When I was playing in the PS file the night before and saved my work, Unity updated the sprite image to reflect the current saved “look” of the PS file. Interesting. First of all, I shouldn’t have been saving…

Today was all about getting my boss to no longer be defenseless, but first I needed to beat my head against a problem that I still don’t have a working solution for yet. While I have a boss that interacts with his UI health bar slider when taking damage, I couldn’t get the boss preFab to save with the health bar slider attached to it in the inspector. Between trying to figure out what was happening in the first place and trying to make it work, I spent a few hours not getting anything done. In the end, I was…

Today I finally dove into the final phase of this 2D shooter game….the boss battle! I spent a little time over the weekend making a boss ship in photoshop, and finished it up Monday morning. While I don’t think it’s my best work, I am still happy with the outcome. I was going for a retro vibe, but I also didn’t want to get too lost in the art creation aspect of things at this time. …

Friday was a combination of work and learning. We’ll start with the work. The final two items on my checklist for the Phase II: Core Programing course material here at GameDevHQ are making a boss fight and a wave system for spawning enemies. These spawn waves need to make more enemies each wave. I was online Thursday evening watching the first part of a two part Brackey’s tutorial on making a wave spawner. It looked fairly involved, as this is easily the longest tutorial I have seen from them. …

Today I decided to try and go back into the shielded enemy checklist item to figure out why I couldn’t get it working before. Since the enemy shield is only supposed to take one hit, I didn’t previously bother with making a shield lives variable like we did with our player. I was simply trying to make it active when the enemy instantiates, and then set it to be inactive when a laser or the player hits it. In an effort to troubleshoot my problem, I went forward with giving my enemy a private variable for 1 shield health, and…

After a few days of frustrated learning, I had a mixed day of more frustrated learning, finally capped off with a good run of completing checklist items while in “the zone”.

Now that my raycasting was working properly, I needed to use it to get some desired results out of my enemies. I went about making the “smart enemy” who will fire backwards at the player when behind it. Part one was making a new bullet preFab, being I wanted something other than the laser we have already used two times. I jumped into Photoshop and made a quick round…

I have easily spent the past two days trying to make sense of Raycasting2D, and I think I finally have it all figured out….maybe. If anyone else needs gets stuck on Raycasting2D, I hope this blog entry can help save you some time and frustration. I will go over the walls I ran into, and some of the ways to get around them. My last blog entry went over some other problems I had understanding what to expect with Raycasting. I was using Raycast2D, and expecting the results of RaycastAll. …

Ain’t that the truth? I hope your day was as good as mine. I had been feeling stuck with many of these checklist items at the end of the Core Programming section here at GameDevHQ. I have been building half-working items for the past week at least, with a completely successful implementation here and there. Today I was determined to figure out some of the items that had been giving me a hard time.

I came back to the laser beam that was animating correctly, but not hitting my player ship. I thought that my problem was having the script…

Jared Amlin

I am a long time artist and musician, that is currently diving headfirst into game development.

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